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Dioxinomics: The Myth of Superpower in the Age of Dioxin

Dioxinomics: The Myth of Superpower in the Age of Dioxin

The First Volume in the Dioxinomics Series.

Dwight D. Eisenhower once said: "Unlimited war in the nuclear age is unthinkable, and limited war is unwinnable." History has proven Eisenhower right. Limited war is only good for truce or defeat: North Korea, Vietnam, Afghanistan ??both USSR and US-NATO.

So ask yourself ??What makes a 5lb bag of flour so terrifying?

Dioxinomics is the story of the unthinkable becoming reality. Attrition warfare is cheap, easy and dependable. Dioxinomics details the how, the why and where all superpowers will lose the "War on Terror." Dioxinomics both arms and prepares readers for the ravages the future presents.

The presentation is easy to follow so that the concepts, the chemistry, and the economic ramifications of the simple equation: Dioxin + Economics => Dioxinomics makes perfect sense.

How could a 5lb bag of flour freak you out?      See more

How could a 5lb bag of flour freak you out?

Dioxinomics explains why war is unwinnable as a matter of science. War is not about hi-tech steel and explosives and intelligent electronics. War is won or lost on attrition. And, that is what all "unlimited war" looks like and Eisenhower knew it. The Taliban are still among us. The Pentagon knows why. It is time every man knew the same horrific facts.

Dioxinomics explains how cheap, easy and dependable asymmetric attrition warfare is. This is science, not Tom Clancy fiction. Make no mistake, this is "I Got $100. I'm 'King of the World' science."

A 5lb bag of flour can't make you piss your pants, and yet it will !!

Dioxinomics explains the 24-hour economic demise for those caught unprepared.

What makes a 5lb bag of flour your worst nightmare?

Time to get clued in on what the US government dreads the most, and can do nothing to prevent.

Time to know what a Dioxinomic Holocaust looks like, not just The Heroin Holocaust.

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Dioxinomics: The Heroin Holocaust in the Age of Dioxin

Dioxinomics: The Heroin Holocaust in the Age of Dioxin

The Second Volume in the Dioxinomics Series.

Barack H. Obama: "Under my charge as Commander-in-Chief, our troops in Afghanistan will ensure that never again will death be exported from that region into the American homeland."

97,200 American civilian corpses say Obama is a liar.

Heroin Holocaust : Willie Horton : Swift Boat.

There is historical fact and there is ...See more

There is historical fact and there is hyperbole.

Over 2 million poppy-ninny slaves in Afghanistan work on 508,000 acres of opium plantations bringing in an annual harvest of over 4,500 tonnes of toxic death which puts 2,000 American civilians per month into an early grave.

From out of Afghanistan, death is exported into America.

The carnage is vast: 97,200 in four years, 2,000 per month, 66 Americans per day. Dead. And New Mexico has double the national Heroin Holocaust fatality rate. Numbers don't lie.

The first part of the book details the who behind the devastation of Dioxinomic warfare, and it is not just today's enemy of convenience: radical Muslims. Because devastation is scientifically unavoidable, the remaining parts focus on the new Dioxinomic order that will supplant normal economics across the planet, and how you can save yourself from Dioxinomic ruination.

If you only read one book before the 2012 election, make it this one.

Adopt a Democrat friend ??Show him this book ??Show him reality.

Heroin Holocaust : Willie Horton : Swift Boat.

There is history and there is hyperbole.

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The Demise of the Common Law

Demise of the Common Law

Demise of the Common Law evidences a simple truth: As goes the legal profession, so goes a nation's legislatures, it's laws and its moral fiber. Just check into ex-Senators John Edwards or Jon Corzine. Just take note of the financial holocaust of 2008.

Ed Blanton, a seasoned lawyer and political kingmaker, known among Republican Party insiders as El Consigliori, has written a memoir focused on the follies that, decade after decade, have snaked in and transformed America's legal profession into being less about law and more about litigation; the made-in-court solution for destroying your adversary. And, this ethos of perfidy has carried over into American politics.

As a political insider ...See more

As a political insider, Ed Blanton ruthlessly recounts the degenerative metamorphosis of America from a morally courageous generation into one where "rugged individualism" means the pursuit of profit by any means and one which knows not the concept of "moral hazard."

Lawyers, legislators and "loopholes," the art of degeneracy have made it so.

In the Year 2008 and beyond, this truth of historical decadence was amply proven inside a "modern day capitalist economy" where the number of husband-wife dual-worker households that now live paycheck to paycheck tripled in less than one year. No "Joe the Plumber" political flip-flopping can alter this truth.

This new America of "Collectivist Capitalism" in the "Bankshevik" millennium is also one where a coddled "Royal Monetarchy," a cabal of aristocrats by any other name, pull Keynesian economic levers and deploy political corruption and graft to make record profits from "special-interest" US Treasury and Federal Reserve handouts that masquerade as "bailouts for corporate citizens a Soviet-styled governmental elite deem too fat to fail."

Ed Blanton provides a first-hand, insider account about the causes of this corruption, the forces behind it and the special interests for whom political graft is essential to maintaining the profits of "rugged corporate individualism." An America where the current average return on investment for every $1 in corporate lobbying yields $216 by way of "special-interest tax relief." Record profit equals record tax relief, legislative hooliganism and legal gimmickry; all masquerading as "intrepid entrepreneurial capitalism."

A decade of bid-rigged bonds, bid-rigged LIBOR, robo-signed real estate devastation and "MF Global." Need I say more?

Demise of the Common Law puts on display the legal environment that has paved the way for all this tactical deceit to come to pass. In short, for decay to set in, all it takes is for men of good conscience to do nothing.

Ed confesses: He could have done more.

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