Dioxinomics: The Myth of Superpower in the Age of Dioxin

Dioxinomics: The Myth of Superpower in the Age of Dioxin

The First Volume in the Dioxinomics Series.

Dwight D. Eisenhower once said: “Unlimited war in the nuclear age is unthinkable, and limited war is unwinnable.” History has proven Eisenhower right. Limited war is only good for truce or defeat: North Korea, Vietnam, Afghanistan – both USSR and US-NATO.

So ask yourself – What makes a 5lb bag of flour so terrifying?

Dioxinomics is the story of the unthinkable becoming reality. Attrition warfare is cheap, easy and dependable. Dioxinomics details the how, the why and where all superpowers will lose the “War on Terror.” Dioxinomics both arms and prepares readers for the ravages the future presents.

The presentation is easy to follow so that the concepts, the chemistry, and the economic ramifications of the simple equation: Dioxin + Economics => Dioxinomics makes perfect sense.

How could a 5lb bag of flour freak you out?

Dioxinomics explains why war is unwinnable as a matter of science. War is not about hi-tech steel and explosives and intelligent electronics. War is won or lost on attrition. And, that is what all “unlimited war” looks like and Eisenhower knew it. The Taliban are still among us. The Pentagon knows why. It is time every man knew the same horrific facts.

Dioxinomics explains how cheap, easy and dependable asymmetric attrition warfare is. This is science, not Tom Clancy fiction. Make no mistake, this is “I Got $100. I’m ‘King of the World’ science.”

A 5lb bag of flour can’t make you piss your pants, and yet it will !!

Dioxinomics explains the 24-hour economic demise for those caught unprepared.

What makes a 5lb bag of flour your worst nightmare?

Time to get clued in on what the US government dreads the most, and can do nothing to prevent.

Time to know what a Dioxinomic Holocaust looks like, not just The Heroin Holocaust.

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